2019 Summer Shape Up

Summer is almost here now is the time to do something for yourself. If you’re like most people, one thing on the list is get in better shape.

The thing that gets most people off track is the nuts and bolts of how to train smart, as well as not doing things to stack the deck in their favor.


By training alone or with someone else who’s also just starting. “Workout or skip it and get coffee? Coffee!”

By just emphasizing one thing. Usually that’s cardio or flexibility. Those are good things, but if you only have 45 minutes to do a formal workout two or three times per week then you shouldn’t hang your hat on them. Or if you’re like a lot of guys, just going for bigger numbers on the bar and not working on athleticism, mobility, or moving well.

By falling into puritanical extremes where you try to subsist on rabbit food while doing insane, sweaty workouts that are difficult just for the sake of being difficult. “Sweat is fat’s way of crying!”

Then willpower runs out and someone invites you out for beers and a burger and the whole thing comes crashing down because it was an unsustainable either/or proposition.

There are a lot of ways to not succeed.

I want to help you sidestep those, get results from the time and effort you spend training and actually enjoy the process.

I train regular people like you.

They stay up too late watching sports or Netflix. They don’t measure everything they eat and track all of their activities using wearable technology. They still drink beer and eat carbohydrates.

They also want to be in good shape, they want to feel comfortable and confident if an invitation involves a pool or beach, and if the weekend calls for doing a lot of yard work, they want to be able to tackle that and not worry about their back going out.

If that sounds like you, if you’d like to get in better shape and get a better handle on day-to-day habits that will lead to your looking and feeling better, but without making you weird (Is Dave allowed to eat anything other than plain chicken and broccoli?), then I’m inviting you to try my classes in June for 25% off.

That’s $75 to train three times per week – 12 workouts in June or $55 to train twice a week -8 workouts. (For new clients only)

In addition to that you’ll get guides on how to make smart, sustainable changes around diet, improving sleep quality, mobility, and a few other things that will help you stay on track and get better results.

Early Bird Bonus:

If you sign up in advance, then you can take classes during the last week of May for FREE! That takes you up to either 15 or 10 workouts for the low rates of either $75 or $55!

Getting started is simple. Send me an email at 513fit@gmail.com. You can also send me a message on Facebook. Send it to my personal account. If messages go through my 513FIT account they’re easy to miss.

We can meet ahead of time to go over any questions you might have or if you’re working around any injuries we can go over how to modify some of the most commonly used movements in order to safely work around them.

What the heck are you waiting for? Send me an email or DM and get started!

Charlie Levine

Owner, trainer 513FIT