Okay, what exactly is this class anyway? 513FIT Better Than Bootcamp Classes are run in a circuit format. We use kettlebells, weights, battling ropes, body weight exercises, and core work to engage your whole body and get fast results with fat loss, toning, strength, flexibility, and stamina. This is a serious workout, but the movements can be scaled up or down depending on your needs.

What should I wear and bring? 
Regular workout clothes are fine. Plan on working out barefoot or in socks. We’re training at a martial arts studio and shoes are not permitted on the mat. I’d also recommend bringing a water bottle and a small towel.

Are there shower and changing rooms? Yes, we’ve got separate changing rooms and showers, so you can get ready and go straight from class to work.

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Why is this better than the bootcamp class that’s included in my gym membership? I bring years of experience, have worked with people across every level of fitness, and I continue to learn from the best out there. I’ve learned how to get people better and hit their goals, not just get them tired. I got past the stage that was all about just chasing sweaty and sore a long time ago.

Feel free to talk to any of my regular clients, or check out the Testimonials page.

What should I do on my days off from class?
It depends on how you’re feeling on any given day. If you feel awesome, then get in another workout. Most people should aim for at least three strength based workouts per week. This could be as simple as doing some push ups and lunges at home or working out for 20- 30 minutes, doing  3 – 5 movements in a super set like we do in class.

Other than that, take the dog for a walk, do about 5 – 10 minutes of mobility, and do things that are fun and don’t feel like obligatory exercise.

The people whom I’ve seen succeed and who have stayed on track do short, intense workouts with an emphasis on strength and they do that 3 – 4  times per week.

The people whom I’ve seen get frustrated tend to do either way too much or way too little.

Doing the basics consistently and sustainably is your best bet.

Can you handle people with different fitness levels in the same class?
Yes. All the movements can be scaled up or down depending on your needs.

How long will it take for me to see results? It depends. Diet is huge and healthy eating habits can speed your results tremendously. Getting enough sleep can also help you, both in terms of overall health and fat loss, as well as having more willpower to change other habits for the better. I’ve yet to see the line of supplements that can come close to the benefits of getting diet and sleep on the right track.

Why Better Than Bootcamp Classes? Why not do Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, or just go running? First, if you really enjoy those activities, then continue to do them! It’s not either/or. But you will find that you get better results if you include at least two to three strength based workouts per week.

You might need to adjust your activities or running schedule to account for the additional work, but that’s just a bit of trial and error.

Can I really address several fitness goals in a single class? Yes. By focusing on the work that provide multiple benefits (IE strength, mobility, heart rate) and not dividing training up into a bunch of different  categories you can get more done in less time.

You don’t have to choose whether to look good and have great muscle tone or have a healthy heart or have a strong core or be more flexible.

Classes are held at Aikido of Cincinnati 6620 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45213

10% discount for active duty or retired military, police, fire, EMS, or other first responders