New Year Restart

Make 2020 the year that you stopped chasing sore and tired and started getting better.

Without giving up tacos.

It’s not either/or. I love tacos!

We’ve all fallen for the idea that the physique, and often the person we want to become is on the other side of extreme effort whether that’s running a marathon, working out for two hours every day, or something similar.

I’ve fallen for it as well over the years. Ask some of my client who knew me when I discovered a Navy SEAL style training company based in California!

If I’d gone in for that I’d have fried my adrenals, beaten up every system in my body and soul, and moved myself away from my goals.

There are so many programs out there that are hard just for the sake of being hard when that actually might work against you.

Because it’s not what you can do in any one training session, it’s what you can recover from and adapt to.

And it takes way less than you’d think. If you follow the popular media you’d think that you have to dedicate your entire life to working out if you were to hope to achieve even modest results.

I’ve worked with many people over the years and I’m always amazed at how much they’re able to achieve inside of a reasonable time commitment.

Three people, three different strength levels, everyone getting after it!

Usually two or three formal workouts per week, plus walking or simply moving more throughout the day.

So, if you’d like

  • To train to achieve your goals, not just get tired
  • To workout with regular human beings (some more fit than you, some less, but everyone encouraging one another)
  • And not have to go to the big box gym

Then you can try 513FIT in January for 50 percent off for the month.

That’s $50 if you want to train three times per week and $35 if you want to train twice per week.

Classes times are : 6 – 6:45 am, 8 – 8:45 am and 5 – 5:45 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and are held at Aikido of Cincinnati 6620 Montgomery Road, 45213.

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But, you might still be thinking about some basic math.

Like the fact that a pound of fat is roughly 3500 stored calories.

So bring on the sweatfest, you say! Sweat is fat crying!

I’ve seen trainers and clients gravitate towards these circuits (usually referred to as High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT) that just cook everyone who participates in them.

It’s not the best tool for the task.

Let’s play that HIIT movie forward.

  • The initial endorphin rush of training that hard wears off
  • It gets harder to convince yourself to go and train
  • You lose muscle and strength, making everything harder to do even though you’ve been working out for however long and as hard as you can. It can get to the point where it’s easy to think that anyone who gets visibly fit or appreciably strong has to be cheating, on steroids, and only lives for the gym.
  • You do the mental math, thinking that the body you want and the person you want to become is on the other side of more work than you can put out, and you’re tempted to quit.

I used to do all of that as well. This train don’t stop there anymore.

Things got better when I stopped chasing sore and tired.

What you want to do is create a positive hormonal cascade. Do enough strength work to signal your muscles that they need to grow. This helps you become more insulin sensitive (fewer highs and lows, fewer cravings), and generally increases the hormones of youth (growth hormone, testosterone, etc.)

Similarly for heart rate work and movement drills, a little goes a long way when done right. That’s trainer jargon for sprints and athletic drills that you might remember from when you played sports or things that you see your kids doing in their practice.

And you actually create an effect on your physique! You get muscles that you can see!

This isn’t just settling for being “heart healthy”, which to me sounds like a cop out for not being able to get your clients results.

Plus, you’ll expand what you’re capable of, so this isn’t just about looks. It’s about pushing back against what I call “adulticide” and being able to stay in the game, and not just sit on the sidelines.

If you take care of a few basic things around nutrition (eat like an adult most of the time), protect your sleep quality, and get a few other things on automatic pilot, and you combine that with two or three smart workouts per week, then more often than not, good things will happen.

Again, January of 2020 is 50 percent off!

That’s $50 to train three time per week or $35 to train twice per week.

Classes times are : 6 – 6:45 am, 8 – 8:45 am and 5 – 5:45 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and are held at Aikido of Cincinnati 6620 Montgomery Road, 45213.

To secure your spot, email me at or DM me on Facebook!

Make 2020 the year you got fit and you stopped chasing sore and tired.