October 28 Day Jump Start

Fall is here, the kids are in school, and the Bengals are off to a very questionable start.

Now that summer is over, it’s easy to put taking care of yourself on the back burner because you’ve got months to cover up and a schedule that never seems to slow down.

I want to tell you that it’s not an either/or choice between being fit or enjoying life, or heck, just meeting basic adult responsibilities, because let’s face it, fitness can seem like something that would be nice to have, but would require too much time and effort to make happen.

Yes, it does take work, but the payoff far outweighs the cost. If done right it’s a force magnifier, meaning you get more out of it than you put in.

Plus, if you emphasize the right aspects of fitness (strength in particular), you’ll build a faster metabolism, so you still be able to enjoy a tasty adult beverage or slice of apple pie and not get off track from pursuing a stronger, fitter version of yourself.

And you can pull this off anytime of year, even the holidays, when most people put on unwanted weight. Pounds that every year get easier to put on and harder to take off!

So, what if this year, you went into fall, and then the holiday season with a solid routine in place, that doesn’t involve hiding behind sweaters and sweatshirts?

What if you replaced your old routine with a workout program that didn’t just burn calories, but that would build strength and a faster metabolism?

What if you went into the holidays with an approach to food that wasn’t a choice between being Jillian Michaels strict or Homer Simpson off-the-rails, but one that was healthy, kept the weight off, and wouldn’t get thrown off by enjoying yourself once in a while?

In the 28 Day Jumpstart you’ll get:

  • 12 Metabolic Resistance Training workouts to melt fat through all 28 days
  • 6 Week Nutrition Plan
  • Work on one new habit every week that addresses the biggest hurdles that stand in the way of your goals
  • Private Facebook group for coaching, accountability, and encouragement
  • Priced at $75

Much as I wish this was for everyone, at this point space is limited, so I’m only going to be able to take on 20 people for the 28 Day Jumpstart.

So, there are a few qualifiers:

  • Do you have three hours per week to workout?
  • Are you willing to follow a well balanced nutrition plan?
  • Are you willing to be motivated and held accountable?
  • Is the investment within your budget?

If you answered yes to all four questions, then contact me (Charlie) at 513fit@gmail.com to reserve you spot.