Six Week Fitness Restart

One of the biggest challenges you face as an adult is the ever widening gap between what you think you should be able to do vs what you actually can do, whether that’s a day of yard work on the weekend, playing and keeping up with the kids, or simply getting through the day and feeling good.

You have to hit your marks and get through all the adult responsibilities.  But, you also know that if you don’t take better care of yourself, that something is going to give. In the meantime, the loss of energy makes everything harder to do, plus it’s decidedly not fun to out of shape.

Or maybe you’re not doing too badly. You might run a few miles here and there or generally stay active, but you’ve been feeling a little stuck and want to take things to the next level.

If either of these sounds like you, then you’re like the vast majority of the clients I train.

  • You don’t have a lot of time to get away and work out.
  • You know that you need to eat better, but you aren’t willing to give up everything for an extreme diet.
  • You know that you need to regain lean muscle, but you don’t like the gym.
  • You don’t move as well as you used to and you don’t see how struggling through a sloppy calisthenics workout is going to help.
  • You’ve got a lot of bases that need to get covered and you don’t have a clear picture of how to get it all done.

I hear you. That’s why I started 513FIT. Over the years I’ve trained hundreds of clients like you.

And that’s why I’m offering the Six Week Fitness Restart.

To get started, contact Charlie at and reserve you space today! 

The dates are September 17 – October 26, 2018 and the cost is $150

513FIT classes are held at Aikido of Cincinnati, 6620 Montgomery Road in the center suite at the Kennedy Heights Cultural Campus.

Class times are 6 am, 8 am, 4 pm, and 5 pm on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.

Before I go into detail, I think it’s important to let you know what the Six Week Fitness Restart isn’t.

It’s NOT:

  • Brutal workouts that make you feel like you look stupid and leave you beaten up for days on end
  • Constant hunger and living on a diet of plain chicken/tilapia/egg whites and steamed broccoli
  • Getting pressured to buy a line of overpriced pills, powders, shakes, or juices
  • Giving up coffee, beer, bacon, and tacos

That’s what the six week challenge isn’t.

So what is it?

  • Three focused 45 minute workouts per week that can be adjusted to just about any level of fitness
  • Extras that you can do on your own to shore up weak spots, help you recover faster, and add a training session or two to your schedule if you feel the need for it.
  • A healthy and sustainable approach to food that isn’t boring or overly restrictive
  • Simple adjustments to everyday life to help you feel better and reach your fitness goals more easily
  • You getting stronger, fitter, and feeling way better

The Six Week Challenge provides the coaching, structure, fills in the gaps to help you put it all together, and gets you team mates to cheer for you along the way.


These are designed to provide the most benefit by focusing on a handful of things that are mission critical: rebuilding lean muscle, movement quality and coordination, strength, mobility, and athleticism. All of the movements that make up the workouts can be scaled up or down so that you can train at the right level for your needs.


If you’ve got time for an additional workout, you’ve missed a session, or you have an area that needs extra work (shoulders, glutes, core, conditioning, or mobility), then these have you covered. These are simple, effective, and easy to put into practice.

A sane approach to food

Most of my diet advice can be summed up in one sentence: Eat like an adult most of the time. On a scale of one to ten, one looks like a six year old’s birthday party, ten looks like a body builder’s plain boiled chicken and broccoli, try to be at around a six or seven most of the time. Eat real food (with few ingredients) and follow a handful of basic rules most of the time.

Simple adjustments to everyday life

Learning to manage stress through breath and posture, even if the only place you get to practice this is in the car. Getting smart about protecting the quality of your sleep. Simple, easy to practice work on mindset taken from top level performers. These are things that build energy and you get more out of them than you put in.

You getting stronger, fitter, and feeling way better

One thing that I hear a lot from my clients is how much better they feel after having trained and how much they feel the benefits of working out. Why not go all out all day every day until you can’t walk?

Because the goal is to get better, not just to get tired. That’s a sustainable way to get and stay fit.

And we’re going to quantify

We’re going to test five areas of strength and endurance and track a couple of additional areas that tell a more complete story than just weight on a scale.

“No, really you don’t get it! I’m ____ years old, I’ve injured my____ and ____, and I probably shouldn’t ______.”

I do get it.

I started my career working with the injured and decidedly non-ninja people that the senior instructors didn’t want to work with. I’d see most clients once or twice per week and had to get really good at picking the best movements for their needs, getting them to do the work correctly, and all while making sure that they got a great workout that provided a lot of value.

Seriously, I get it.

Ann is one of my recent success stories. At age 50, she not only lost body fat, she regained muscle and athleticism (as evidenced on the sand volleyball court), feels way better, and she did this after going through a hip replacement.

You can do this!

To recap:

  • The challenge runs from September 17 to October 26, 2018
  • The cost is $150
  • The address is 6620 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati OH, 45213 (We train inside of Aikido of Cincinnati, located in the center suite)
  • You get three workouts per week x six weeks = 18 workouts
  • You’ll get extras to shore up weak areas and/or add training sessions on your own
  • You’ll get diet information that’s sane, actionable, and sustainable
  • Fitness and body composition (lean muscle vs fat) testing to track your results

Signing up

Space really is limited and availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The 6 am classes are the most popular, so if that’s your preferred time, then don’t wait to get in touch.

To get started, contact Charlie at and reserve your space today!