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No, there’s no team of annoyingly perfect, never been out of shape 25 year olds to call you night and day until you sign a multi-year contract. If you check out the classes, but decide to hold off, or for one reason or another, they’re not a good fit for you, I’ll respect that and not annoy you with constant pitches to buy my stuff.

Time can pass and you can either start doing something that you know will work,  or do what so many other people do. 

Find yourself in June and telling yourself that you will rock a swimsuit next summer.

Get to the New Year and make the same resolution to lose the same weight. Again.

Catch yourself saying that you’re too old for ________ when you’re still way too young.

That time is going to pass whether you do something or not.

Right now it might seem daunting because you haven’t worked out in a while or you might not have more than a couple of hours per week to set aside for training.

You’re exactly where most of my clients were when they started.

You can do something.  A program that works for regular, everyday people and that fits into real life.

One that will help you look, feel, and move better, and that’s fun and as well as challenging.

Are you ready to try 513FIT?

If so, you can try your first class for free. If you like it, you can try two weeks of classes. The cost is $40 if you plan on training twice per week or $60 if you plan on working out three times per week. (This is for new clients or for clients returning after more than six months away.)

What makes these classes so effective?

They engage your whole body, build lean muscle (the key to a faster metabolism), improve flexibility, and build coordination which declines when we sit too much. Which almost everyone does! 

There have been many times when a client would tell me how they put in a big weekend of yard work, moved furniture, or generally didn’t “act their age”, and they were surprised at how well they handled it because they felt fine the next day.

That’s the functional side of things. They’ve also shared how they’ve dropped weight, improved their overall shape and improved muscle tone, and just flat out feel better.

Time is going to pass whether you do something or not, but the sooner you get moving, the better off you’re going to be.

14572765_10154084540269226_2359301273922034762_nTo get started, email me at 513fit@gmail.com or call me at 513.470.7507


Charlie Levine, owner 513FIT

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