Bodyweight And Band Workout

Now that the weather is nice, there’s no excuse to not get outside at least once in a while and train. Seriously. It baffles me when people go to a gym and get on a treadmill or bike when it’s absolutely awesome out.

To help you get started, here’s a quick workout you can do with one band. If you don’t have one you can replace the single arm band rows with two arm rows using a couple of swings or a bar or railing that’s about hip high.

Run through this circuit three to five times:
Sprint x 50 Meters
Push ups x 10+
Inverted Hamstring (Single Leg Romanian Deadlift) x 10 per side
Single Arm Band Row x 10 – 15 per side
Bear Honey Badger Crawl Forward x 20 steps
Bear Honey Badger Crawl Backward x 20 steps

If you’re doing this, then make sure that every set feels good. It should be a serious effort, but if you’re grinding out reps and shuffling slowly through your sprints then it’s time to adjust your work to rest ratios. You want to make every rep look solid and every sprint feels fast. You will get better results this way than if you try to reenact a Rocky training montage.

Believe me, I know this from experience. I swam competitively in college and had a jacked up relationship with exercise for a long time. Train hard, train smart, make each rep awesome, and then get back on with life.

BTW, I did this for three rounds the other day, felt like I was holding back, and I still felt the effort. If you’re doing strength work on other days, then there’s no need to go for broke on your conditioning work.

It can feel a little weird to workout on your own and depart from the standard, go-for-a-jog approach to outdoor training. I won’t have you do anything that will make you look silly. So, if you’re up for it, I’m going to be running a Saturday workout while the weather is good.

Where: Ault Park on the soccer field
When: 9AM to 9:45ish.

For more info, feel free to email, PM, Facebook, or talk to me.

I’ll look forward to seeing you there!


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