Bodyweight Flow Workout

Sometimes even if you attend Better Than Boot Camp three times per week, you’ve just got to add another workout. Nothing crazy, but you just want to get moving.

You know that feeling.

You want to get in another session, you want to move, but you’re also planning on going to class the following day, or you might still be feeling some of the effects of the previous day’s workout.

I’ve found that it’s good to approach training and movement as a practice and as something I can do more often rather than trying to go all out every session. That’s been a huge mental shift for me, going from trying to get really sore, and instead trying to keep form, working hard while stay within my limits, and as a result, being able to add in another good session per week without feeling over extended.

Plus, on my days where I do more writing and sitting, it’s good to get in some movement. I find that if I start feeling distracted or mentally fatigued, then a quick 20 – 40 minute workout, especially one that involves flexibility, complex movements, along with some strength and heart rate work helps me get back on track and be more productive.

So, here’s the bodyweight flow I did the other day. I ran up to the park (about 8 minutes) and did this circuit four times.

Bodyweight work is also a great opportunity to work on your mind/body connection so really make a point of engaging your muscles and creating tension before you move.  This will give you a much better workout, you’ll feel the work, you’ll get better visual results, and you’ll improve your coordination.

Yep. You. Coordinated. It’s a learned skill. You can do eet.

Perform this circuit 4 – 5 times:

Dive Bomber Push Ups x 5 – 15
Crossover Lunges x 5 – 10 per leg
Alt. Three Point Table x 5 – 10 per arm
Duck Under x 5 – 10 per leg
Sprint x 60(ish) yards – Sub Power Skips* or Sub Hip Thrusts if you’re the upstairs neighbor

*Next time I might do Power Skips for a little over half the distance, walk out the rest of the way, sprint halfway back and walk the rest of the way as my recovery. These are a great drill and one I plan on using more often in class and in my own workouts. They give you a powerful hip extension (glute work), plus done right, they help improve your sprinting mechanics.

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