Travel Workout

Hey guys,

Summer is here and a lot of people are traveling. Taking 15 to 20 minutes, even if it’s every other day can help you stay strong and keep a good bit of your conditioning, so that when you come back you won’t feel like you’re starting over.

Seriously. It’s not fun coming back knowing you’re going to face the dreaded DOMS. (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

This is also a great workout if you’re thinking about joining class and want to come in with some momentum and to be ahead on the learning curve.

Take 15 to 25 minutes and run through this three to five times. Take fifteen to twenty seconds between exercises and after you complete a round take a minute or two to recover.

Squat Variation x 10 – 20
Push Up Variation x 10 – 20
Lunge or Single Leg Romanian Deadlift x 8 – 10 per leg
Burpees and/or Sit Through for about 40 seconds to a minute

A word on tempo.

Lowering yourself more slowly will increase the strength demands of these movements and give you more return on your efforts than cranking through a bunch of fast reps. Also make sure that you take a second to set up each exercise correctly and get those muscles engaged before you start moving.

You can increase the tempo, but make sure that you’re not giving up form. Speed is to movement what volume is to the electric guitar. (If you’ve ever lived near a band’s practice space or a just 14 year old who wants to Rawk Owt, then you’ll get this analogy.) Turning it up louder is no substitute for practice. Only go as fast as you can do well.

Keep moving forward and keep pursuing strength,


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