June Events

Hey there!

I’m stoked to announce that there are two events coming up in June.

On the 2nd, we’ve got the first free Saturday of the month. Weather permitting, this will be an outdoor workout at 9 AM in the park behind the dojo (6620 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45213). If it rains, we’ll take things indoors.

We had a lot of fun and a really strong turnout last time.

On Saturday June 16 we’ve got the hill sprint workshop which will be held at French Park. We’re going to be running up the hill by the French house (don’t worry, we’re just going 30 to 40 yards, not doing repeats for the entire distance!).

If it rains, we’ll postpone until the following week.

This event costs $20.


  • Soccer cleats if you have them
  • Water
  • A towel
  • $20

In addition to the workout itself, you’re going to get a PDF (including links to videos) covering mobility and warm ups as well as┬ásome of my favorite body weight strength and conditioning routines (those are included in the PDF and videos as well) that burn fat, build lean muscle and help you move better, and most importantly, don’t make you look silly while you’re doing them.

No one wants to be the weird person doing funky exercises that everyone tries not to stare at because they look, well, eccentric. You’re not going to be that person!

I’ve paid $25 to $50 for ebooks from a lot of the top names in fitness, and very often only gotten a little bit in the way of useful information, or they left things so open ended that it was hard to figure out how to put a program together for a specific goal.

You’re going to come away with a lot that you can use right away, no fluff or fillers. You’re getting some of the best strength, mobility and conditioning work that I’ve been using with my clients and in my own training for years. So, this is a great deal.

And of course, we’re covering hill sprints.

The goal here is to get better and come away with a big picture understanding of how to pursue better in a sustainable manner and not just run yourself into a brick wall of sore and tired.

So why the heck should you be interested in hill sprints as opposed to jogging?

Side note: I think there’s definitely a place for jogging and other lower intensity activities, but if you’re pressed for time and can only put in a few formal workouts per week, then it’s important to make higher ROI activities like hill sprints your top priority.

Plus, as time goes on, we don’t recover from things like we used to, so it’s good to get in a habit of making each repetition and every minute of training as beneficial as possible and try to keep your overall time spent training fairly low.

Hill sprinting stimulates your body to release more Human growth hormone (HGH). This is one of those fountain of youth hormones that typically decline with age.

HGH is an anabolic hormone that stimulates cell reproduction, regeneration and growth in humans. Human growth hormone has many functions in the adult body, some of these include:

  • Increasing bone density
  • Increasing lean muscle
  • Stimulates lipolysis (breaks down fat cells)

So human growth hormone means more muscle and less fat. A deficiency will result in less muscle and more fat tissue as well as low bone density and diminished cartilage in the joints.

Speaking of joint, hill sprints are much easier on the knees and back because you’re not absorbing nearly the shock that you would even by simply jogging on flat ground. Pair that with the fact that you’re putting in a fraction of the repetitions that you would get from conventional jogging, and you’ve got a winning combination.

Plus, there’s a sense of empowerment and badassery that comes from trying to get better, stronger and faster that you don’t necessarily get from other things.

An easy run can be great to knock off some stress, but consistently putting in sprints?There’s just something about it that makes you want to keep coming back.

Finally, let’s hear it from one of the greatest football players of all time who had a long career due in large part, to a smart training program that didn’t bang up his joints.


I hope to see you at both of these events!

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