Stopping The Slide – It’s Serious (Part 2)

We’ve all seen how easy and common it is to just let go. It can happen after we’re done with sports in school. It can happen when we hit the workforce. Or after we have kids. The story goes that we’ve had our day in the sun, so it’s time to hang it up and quit. I’m not just talking about vanity or even performance. That story can kill us way too young. Or at least make us feel old and like our run is done while we could easily still be in our prime.

To borrow from my last post, we settle into being Ernest Borgnine when we could easily still be Steve McQueen and without a crazy ascetic lifestyle. (Read: NOT living on boiled chicken breasts, broccoli, weird protein powders, and zero fun, and NOT training for hours every day until you drop)








I think that all-or-nothing approach is a big reason why so many people give up (and celebrate The Dadbod), or in my case, go all in on training, even if it wasn’t the best thought out plan.

Like a lot of people think they’re supposed to, I used to try to include EVERY aspect of training to make sure I’d covered all of my bases. Run several times a week. Lift. Core and/or yoga. Train in a martial art (aikido) three to four times. Play ultimate frisbee (running like mad for a couple of hours) once per week.

And the result of all of that effort was that I was very tired, only sort of looked like I worked out, and couldn’t see how to make any progress towards my goals – which were to gain some muscle and lose a little around my middle. Which was kind of frustrating because by this point I was a fitness professional.

It took some time and meeting some smart people, but my approach is completely different now. The goal is the goal, it’s not to get tired, or sore. And for most people, whether that’s gaining muscle or losing fat, the key is to focus on 2 – 3 well designed strength workouts per week (read: not throwing in everything but the kitchen sink) and then just being more active and having fun.

So maybe you’re starting to think about strength, but the weight room can put you off a little. That’s a big part of why I started 513FIT and why it’s not anything like a traditional commercial gym.

My goal is to make my classes a place where regular people can not only get the benefits of strength training without the hassle of the gym. but also get the support of an awesome community.

Maybe I’ve got you thinking that you want to get started.

I hope so!

If you’re feeling at all nervous about getting started, I get that. One thing I pride myself on is being able to run a class with all kinds of different fitness levels and making sure that everyone gets a great session and trains at the right level for them.

But, if you want to build some confidence before getting started, I completely understand. It can be a smart choice to build up a bit and make sure that you’re prepared and not jumping into the unknown.

So here’s a basic program that requires no equipment to get you going.

In the video below I’ve also included progressions to make the movements easier or more challenging.The workout as outlined should only take about 20 minutes.

Four to five times through:
Squats x 10 – 20 reps, rest :15 – :30

Push Ups Variation x 10 – 15 reps, :15 – :30

Side Lunges x 8 – 10 per side, rest :15 – :30

Shoulder Prehab (mainly back of the shoulders) x 8 – 10, rest :15 – :30

Do this series three to four times per week. On the other days take a 20 – 40 minute brisk (pushing the pace, not casual) walk. If your goal is fat loss, feel free to do a double and do both a workout and walk on the same day. If you need extra mobility work, feel free to do the stretching series at the beginning of the video every day. Or if you like, do 10 minutes of yoga.

I’ll follow up with mindset and nutrition, but for now you’ve got some basic movement work to get started.

If you want to come in and see if my classes are are a good fit for you, you’ll not only get some great workouts, but also a great group of people to train with, and you can try a month of classes for $50.

Contact me at to confirm when you’re planning to attend.

Now get out there (or come to class) and do something and say no to the slide!


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