Summer Shape Up

25% Off For a Summer Shape Up In July? Hasn’t that ship sailed already?

Almost everyone focuses on getting in shape for the summer. You hear it shouted from everywhere all spring.

Well, summer is here, whether you got in shape or not. These deadlines come and go, and if things didn’t go as planned, then it’s easy to put off important goals like getting fit until the next mile marker comes around.

It’s not fun to basically admit defeat or minimize it and joke about how you’ll do better next year.  And let’s face it, it gets harder every year, not easier.

So, this time, right now, why not do something different?

Seriously, why put your life on hold until everything lines up perfectly so that you can workout, eat clean, and have enough time to do all of this in order to hit your goals before Memorial Day of next year?

And when do things ever fall perfectly into place?

Why not get started now? Imperfect action beats a perfect plan not implemented every time.

Plus, you’ve still got two months left of summer, why not make the most of it?

And if you train smart, you’ll have more margin for enjoying tacos!

If you’re up for getting in great shape, if you’re up for getting stronger and leaner and being able to do this without the annoying big box gym, then 513FIT is what you’re looking for.

You’ll get great, results-focused workouts and coaching, community (we’re not too cool to talk to the new people), and it’s designed to fit into your busy schedule.

Three variations for three people – kettlebell deadlifts, swings, and cleans

Maybe this has been on your mind, but you thought that you had to get in shape before you signed up for a class or a workout program.

I’ve actually heard that from many people who want to get started, but are hesitant about getting into a structured workout program.

No need to worry. At 513FIT, all of the moves can be adjusted up or down so that you can work at the level that’s right for you. And while you will get support to challenge yourself, you won’t get pressured to train at a level that’s not safe.

If you have injuries or limitations, then I’d be more than happy to meet with you prior to your first class and go over how to modify your training to work around that.

This July you can try 513FIT at a 25% discount to see if this is the right program for you.

That’s $75 to train for three times per week or $55 to train twice per week for all of July.

Why put off looking, feeling, and moving better? Why not do something? It’s never going to be easier than it is right now.

Contact me (Charlie) at or call or text me at 513.470.7507 to get in on this offer!