Three Great Workouts in 15 Minutes or Less

I have to admit that I was not feeling much like training the last few days. Energy is finite, so spending more of it on aikido has meant less of it for other forms of working out. But, if I don’t strength train and sprint, then I end up looking like Joey Ramone, so not training is not an option.

So, how do I train (hint, hint, here are some ideas for you all) when I’m either not all that motivated or I’m pressed for time? Just do a couple of movements, go hard for a short amount of time (15 to 20 minutes), and then call it a workout. The cardio police won’t drag you back and make you put in your mandatory 45 minutes on the elliptical.

For all of these workouts, if possible, spend about 5 minutes rolling and releasing any knots, and follow that up with 3 – 4 minutes of mobility and/or muscle activation work.

Workout One:
Sprint 50 Yards or Band Resisted Running 20 – 30 seconds (higher intensity = shorter duration)
Push Ups x 5 – 10 reps
Keep going back and forth for 15 minutes.

Workout Two:
Goblet or Front Squats x 6 – 8
Pull (Pull Ups, Inverted Row) x 6 – 8
Push (Push Ups, Dips) x 6 – 8

How many rounds in 15 minutes?

A quick note on lifting tempo: take a 2 – 3 count to lower, hold the stretch position under load for a one to two count, then lift quickly. On pulls, hold the top position for a 1- 2 count.

Workout Three:
Progression – do the one that’s right for you. I mix mine up throughout the workout – heavier or lighter, one or two weights. Keep switching back and forth between movements for 15 minutes. (IE Clean and Press or Clean and Thruster, followed by a spine release)

1DB or KB Clean and Push Press
2DB or KB Clean and Push Press
– These are easier on the knees if you don’t want to squat under load

1DB or KB Clean and Thruster (squat into a press)
2DB or KB Clean and Thruster (squat into a press)

Followed by 6 – 10 Spine Releases – Dead Bug/Jack Knife, Knees Out Sit Up to Tall

For the record, I did all three of those series back to back for about 45 minutes and it was really a lot of fun. It was nice to mix it up and do something different.

So now you have a few ideas for what to do if you miss a class and want to make up a workout, or if you want to add in a training day without going overboard, or if you want to inflict share the joy of fitness with family and friends.

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