In 2009, I started 513FIT because I wanted to help more people have a great experience in taking their fitness and health to the next level.

Yes, I am a trainer, but I don’t own any spandex and I don’t live on six meals per day of broccoli and plain boiled chicken.

In fact, it kind of bugs me when I see other trainers paint this picture of non-stop brutal workouts paired with super-strict diets. Or when they say that it’s impossible for the average person to achieve great results through smart training and a sustainable approach to food.

It’s not about willpower, pain tolerance, overly restrictive diets, secret supplements or magical choreography. Being fit and feeling healthy is amazing, it’s actually very simple, doable and enjoyable and I want more people to know that!

A little about me:

I grew up here in on the east side Cincinnati. I played sports growing up, swam at Walnut Hills, and later at The University of Cincinnati.

After college swimming was over I continued to hit the pool, run, lift weights, and do what I thought were all the right things, but I was just spinning my wheels and slowly losing ground.  So if you ever feel frustrated, stuck, or trapped, like you’re putting in the work but you just aren’t seeing results that should line up with your efforts, know that I’ve been there as well.

What changed for me was learning to prioritize the most important things – namely strength, moving well, eating like an adult (not perfectly clean, just eating real food that for the most part I prepare), managing stress better, and just flat out being smarter!

Over the years I’ve learned a lot in terms of particular methods, from weights and calisthenics to mobility and core. The biggest lesson from all of that, no matter the particulars, is to put first things first, and keep things sustainable.

That’s what I bring to the table as a coach.

If you want to try a class for free and see if this is the right next step for you, then email me at to make it happen.


Charlie Levine

Owner, Trainer @ 513FIT

513FIT Classes are held at Aikido of Cincinnati 6620 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45213. 

10% discount for active duty or retired military, police, fire, EMS, or other first responders