Jenny B

As a stylist building muscle is crucial for maintaining a healthy posture and a pain free back. I have been working out at 513FIT for five years, Charlie’s class is not threatening yet I am challenged to be and do my best every time I go. He mixes up the workout routines enough to keep it fresh yet maintain somewhat of a similar rhythm in order not confuse us. Charlie swam competitively for years and has a high standard for each individuals’ fitness capabilities which inspires me to work harder, hints why I’ve been going for 5 years! So glad to have found 513FIT!

Tonya B.

Annie & Elyse G.

As a busy mother of four young children, I find Charlie’s Better Than Boot Camp classes to be the right balance of “work” and “fun.” I love being able to come into class and know that I will get a total body workout —- completely balanced as it relates to strength training, calisthenics, and overall flexibility. Over the past year I have come to appreciate more and more the wealth of knowledge that Charlie brings to the class. He often shares words of wisdom regarding recovery, flexibility, and how to take your individual fitness to the next level. Charlie does a great job of warming up and cooling down the muscles. As a result, I have not incurred a single injury resulting from inflexibility. With Charlie’s coaching I now look at fitness as a life long journey rather than a single destination. Thank you Charlie!!!

 Retina M C.

I have been taking Charlie’s Boot Camp for several months. Having had surgery for a herniated disk in my lower back just two years ago I am very focused on my strength, flexibility and building my core. His class offers a variety of core exercises in addition to strengthening routines with a great aerobic workout. I get bored easily with workout routines and Charlie’s class offers a good variety and new exercises that I continue to do outside the class. He provides instruction on how to conduct the exercises in easy to difficult ranges to suit the various needs of the class. This class is well worth the time and will leave you with a feeling of accomplishment.

– Mary C.


Wow, in two months I’ve lost twenty pounds. And the “wow” isn’t just over the weight loss.  My range of motion has increased to where I can give myself a pedicure (!!) and my balance has also improved dramatically. I’m finding that I am doing day-to-day movements—such as bending and reaching—easier and with less pain. Charlie, I realized that I couldn’t have done it on my own.  And your exercise program is mostly fun! I’ve never joined any type of exercise program before, thinking that I wouldn’t stay with it.  I can stick with yours.  In two more months I plan on starting to train in the martial arts.

Thank you so much, Charlie. I couldn’t have done it without you!

– Jen F


(Since working out is a love/hate thing I’m sending you two testimonials; use which ever you prefer.)

Your workout classes have been great for me.  My job consists of sitting in front of a computer for eight hours a day and getting up every so often to move around just doesn’t get it.  I’ve tried working out on my own but my house is full of distractions and habits that made a long term plan difficult.  The location is convenient not only to where I live but also to my job so I don’t have to get up at 4 am to work out and get to work on time.  Since being in your classes I have firmed up some formerly flabby areas, aikido (martial arts) classes have been easier and, without doing any running, my stamina in soccer has improved.  Your plan is definitely worth the money and I plan to be with it for a while.

(Testimonial number two.)

You’re definitely a sadist.  You drag us out of bed early to make us work and sweat while you’re all smiles telling us we’re doing a great job moving weights around.  Yes, yes, I’m building muscles and stamina but my downward facing dog wants to piddle on you, my child wants to poop on you, my warrior one wants to stab you and my warrior two wants to slice you. Until, of course, class is over, then I feel great.  But sometimes it’s a looong 45 minutes.

– Lee F

513FIT Classes are held at Aikido of Cincinnati 6620 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45213