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Run Like an Athlete

The human body likes routine and predictability, it also likes to save calories (correct form costs more energy), which makes it very easy to fall into bad habits when it comes to running mechanics. My suggestion is to dedicate at … Continue reading

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Getting Better All The Time

This is not to say that you have to turn every movement into strength versions of the Funky Chicken with a lot of elaborate choreography in order to “confuse” your muscles, nor do you have to keep pursuing more (more weight, reps, etc.) when you feel like you’ve pushed yourself as far as you can go on any one thing. Continue reading

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New Mobility Series

Hey guys, We’re all pretty busy these days, so any time spent on fitness has to cover several bases. Otherwise, if we did everything as discreet aspects of training it would take forever and a day. Plus, with most of … Continue reading

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Daily Mobility Practice

You’d be surprised at how little time and effort it takes to make a huge difference in your flexibility. It doesn’t require hours and hours of stretching each muscle individually. Just a few minutes per day can be the difference … Continue reading

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