Doggy Weight Workout

I love being in the fitness business, but sometimes it gets to be a bit of an echo chamber. Everyone gets on this or that bandwagon and it gets easy to not trust your own experience, or to get caught up in the minutia of what is the absolute best way to pursue your fitness goals. Because while there might be a best way, if that process isn’t fun, then your odds of sticking it out aren’t good.

Which is all a long roundabout way of saying that the journey should be rewarding and not just the means to an end.

I’d gone with everyone else in really discounting the value of getting out in the neighborhood or on a trail and doing a quick 30ish minute run. I wouldn’t do it everyday, but once or twice per week just feels good. I’ve been doing well in following a new lifting program and seeing great results, but I was also feeling like something was missing. I wanted to address all aspects, not just the weight room. Plus, I just like to move and have a good bit MovNat in my soul.

So for the last week or so I’ve gotten back into taking Barney The Dog The Wookie for short runs. Preferably on the trails. Getting out in nature is such a stress reliever. Plus, he radiates doggy happiness, so any run with Barney is rewarding.

Still, I do like to cover all aspects of training, so a short workout prior to hitting the trail or the sidewalk is in order. So, if you’re getting out and running once or twice per week, here’s a quick workout to do before you get started. BTW, I find that it’s more productive to do strength and explosive training before doing endurance workout.

Here’s the workout:

Three Rounds:
Push Ups x 10 – 20
Squats x 10 – 20 (Doggy Weight Optional)
Dive Bomber Push Ups x 10 – Sub Hand Walk + Push Up if these bother your shoulders
Alternating Lunges x 5 – 10 per leg (Doggy Weight Optional)
Skater Hops x 10/10 or run around and do quick direction changes
Sit Through x 5 – 10 per side

Then hit the road!

And in regard to running and pace, I always recommend listening to your body. Just like in a strength workout, if I don’t have it in me to do a good rep, or in this case run fast and with good form, then I walk for a few seconds. Don’t get hung up on the idea that you can’t stop. Treat it like an interval workout and go for speed rather than slogging it out for X number of miles without stopping and instead make it enjoyable. You’ll also become a faster runner who’s got better form locked into muscle memory.

Between squirrels and stopping to sniff, Barney does a great job of building in speed work and rest stops.

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