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July Special

You can try a month of classes for 25% off!

That’s $65 for twice a week or $85 for three times per week

New clients only. 

Rather than wait and let all the unknowns psych you out, take ten minutes a day to develop the qualities of strength and mobility. You’ll feel great, you’ll get stronger, and you’ll go into the classes with momentum. 

My classes were born from a few simple ideas.

As a college swimmer, I really loved the team training we did at the old Armory Fieldhouse and Nippert Stadium. We called these “dryland” workouts. They were a mix of calisthenics, running, and med ball drills. This training was hard, it was also fun, and I was in the best shape of my life. 

After swimming ended, the contrast between training with my teammates vs on my own at the gym really highlighted what a special thing it was to have that experience.

I thought if more people had that when they worked out that they would be far more motivated to work hard and stick with it.

Years later as a trainer I learned more about circuit training classes, and while I liked the overall idea, I thought that the model could be improved.

That meant not just going for a high heart rate and trying to burn calories, which doesn’t deal with root causes  – loss of muscle, strength, and the resulting lower metabolic rate and other health problems that come with that loss.

In the absence of proper strength training, everyone loses muscle, strength, and power every year, and those are priorities that often get overlooked in the pursuit of burning the most calories per session. 

Allowing recovery within the workout. You can’t sustain an all-out effort for thirty or even fifteen minutes. 

Within each circuit you do two big engine exercises (an upper body and a lower body), a secondary that’s a little easier, and then a fourth that allows your heart rate to come back down.

Controlling the lifts and following the path of most resistance. That’s what really makes training effective.

By keeping the workouts reasonable, it lets you lean into the work and actually try to move better and get stronger, not just hold on for survival and default to bad form and herky-jerky movements. 

This is a my way of taking the best coaching I can provide, making it available to more people, and creating that awesome team atmosphere that we had back in the day at U.C. 

I’m also extremely proud of the culture in my classes and I have to share credit for that with my clients. Everyone is friendly and supportive of one another. If you show up no one will be too cool to talk to you and if you have any questions (doing anything new can be a lot to take in), they’ll be glad to help. 


6:00 – 6:45 am and 8:00 – 8:45 am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

What if I can’t make those times?

I’m now offering online training. You can do all online or mix that with in-person training. 


Aikido of Cincinnati. It’s the middle space of the Kennedy Heights Cultural Center at 6620 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati OH 45213. 

How much?

$85 per month to train 2x per week

$115 per month to train 3x per week 

$115 per month for online training or a mix of in-person and online

So, if you’re ready contact me about trying a class for free! 

Email: 513fit@gmail.com 

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Charlie Levine
Owner, 513FIT

If you’re curious about our training space, follow the link for more about the martial art and Aikido of Cincinnati.