513FIT Welcome

Your time is valuable and when you work out you have to cover a lot of ground quickly. Fat loss,strength, core, flexibility, and coordination. And to be a part of your long term success, the training has to be engaging, provide results, and energize you to meet demands of the real world after the workout is over.

Hi, my name is Charlie Levine and I own and run 513FIT here on the east side of Cincinnati, Ohio.

My mission with 513FIT is simple: To provide the best possible training in a great space for busy people who might not like the gym, but who haven’t given up on fitness.

If that’s you, then I hope you’ll stop by and check out a class for free.

Just send me an email at 513fit@gmail.com so we can schedule a time to meet and go over a few things to make sure that you’re set up for success when you come to take your first class.

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