513FIT Welcome

We’re all busy, so any time spent working out has to be efficient, get the job done, and ideally be fun.

So how do we do that?

By engaging the whole body and working every muscle, whether that’s through kettlebells, weights, body weight (you vs. gravity), or athletic training drills.

We also do the work that will keep you healthy and less prone to injury by emphasizing mobility, working multiple directions, along with core stability.

Simply put: we strengthen and build up the areas that get weak and improve mobility in areas that get tight.

While these classes are challenging and you will definitely feel it, they won’t leave you beaten up and unable to face the day. You should finish every workout feeling better than when you started.

So, if you’re up for getting a jump start on real and lasting changes, then email me at 513fit@gmail.com and check out your first class for free.

Train hard, train safe and have fun!


Charlie Levine
Owner, 513FIT


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