513FIT Welcome

513FIT is a group fitness program for people who have been turned off by regular gyms, but who still want to work hard and see results.

At 513FIT we use training methods that have stood the test of time. Dumbbells, kettlebells, battling ropes, and our own body weight allow us to create a limitless array of challenging exercises to engage the body and mind.

These 45 minute workouts cover a lot of bases: fat loss, strength, conditioning, core and mobility. We train the body as a whole with an emphasis on fixing common problems rather than just piling work on top of areas that aren’t working well (IE knees, back), as well as fixing movement and posture habits that could lead to injury later on.

Plus, we keep training fun! Whether it’s mastering a cool new movement or bringing a little friendly competition to an athletic drill, we believe that training should be enjoyable and not something you have to suffer through because it’s “just the cost of doing business if you want to get in shape”.

While these classes are challenging and you will definitely feel it, they won’t leave you beaten up and unable to face the day. You should finish every workout feeling better than when you started.

And that’s really the point. Fitness results are important, but even more important is to be able to bring more energy and a better A-game to every area of your life.

Contact me at 513fit@gmail.com about getting started. You can try your first class for free! 

Train hard, train safe and have fun!


Charlie Levine
Owner, 513FIT

513FIT Classes are held at Aikido of Cincinnati 4727 Red Bank Road, Cincinnati, OH 45227. Click here for directions. 


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