What exactly is this program anyway?

513FIT fitness classes are run in a circuit format. We use kettlebells, weights, battling ropes, body weight exercises, and core work to engage your whole body and get fast results with fat loss, toning, strength, flexibility, and stamina. This is a serious workout, but the movements can be scaled up or down depending on your needs.

What should I wear?

Regular workout clothes. Plan on working out barefoot or in socks. We’re training at a martial arts studio and shoes are not permitted on the mat.

Are there shower and changing rooms?

Yes, we’ve got separate changing rooms and showers, so you can get ready and go straight from class to work.

What should I do on my days off from class?

It depends on how you’re feeling on any given day. If you feel rested then get in another workout. Most people should aim for at least three strength based workouts per week.

Walking, jogging, or other conditioning work is usually a good idea. Use cardio for health and fitness, but don’t worry too much about burning the most calories per session.

Doing the basics consistently and sustainably is your best bet.

Why I launched 513FIT

In 2009, I started 513FIT because I wanted to help more people have a great experience in improving their health and fitness. I wanted to provide something similar to what I experienced as an athlete: getting fit in a supportive environment and having fun in the process.

I grew up here in on the east side Cincinnati and swam competitively at Walnut Hills, and later at The University of Cincinnati.

After college swimming was over I continued to hit the pool, run, lift weights, and do what I thought were all the right things, but I was just spinning my wheels and slowly losing ground.

What changed for me was learning to prioritize the most important things – namely strength, moving well, eating like an adult (not perfectly clean, just eating real food), managing stress better, and just flat out being smarter.

The biggest lesson from all of that is that good training is a series of trade-offs based on a set of givens  –age, injury, stress, current fitness level, how well you slept, and your goals.

If you want to try a class for free and see if this is the right next step for you, then email me at 513fit@gmail.com to make it happen.


Charlie Levine

Owner, Trainer @ 513FIT

513FIT Classes are held at Aikido of Cincinnati 6620 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45213. 

10% discount for active duty or retired military, police, fire, EMS, or other first responders