Start 2022 Strong (classes)

Sale Extended!

I’ve extended the sale into February. You can try a month of classes at 513FIT at $25 off. That’s $75 to work out 3x per week or $50 to work out 2x per week.

Plus, if you decide to continue, this is your last chance to lock in at the old rates of $100 and $75 respectively. Those are going up to $115 and $90 for new clients.

Yes, it is that time of year of again and many people turn their attention to getting fit.

Unfortunately, most people think that getting fit is about as much fun as repeatedly sticking a fork in a light socket.

It really doesn’t have to be like that.

Instead of making it miserable, show up, train and work on getting stronger, moving better, and actually enjoying the process.

Hi, I’m Charlie Levine. I’ve worked with everyday, busy people for twenty years. Over that time, I’ve developed an approach to training that helps regular people the most out of just a few workouts per week.

That usually looks like a mix of strength, mobility, core, and conditioning.

For example, a recent workout included this 15 minute series, working for 50 seconds, resting for 25 seconds:

Romanian Deadlift or Good Morning (hamstrings, glutes, posture muscles)

Alternating overhead press

Abs or mobility (depending on individual needs)

Shoulder Halos or Triceps Extension

This program works whether you’re already a runner, walker, or you’re just getting off the couch.

If that sounds like it might be a good fit for you, then email me at about getting your spot. Spaces really are limited! My clients have spoken and they only want a few new people in per class. We’re still taking things seriously and maintaining a fair bit of space, so I’m limiting this to ten new clients total between the 6am and 8am classes.

Also, if you try my classes in January, you can do so at $25 off, whether that’s three times per week or twice per week. That would be $75 or $50, respectively.

If that’s not enough, you like the program, then you can continue at those current prices. Rates for new clients are going up 15% at the beginning of the year, so this is the last time rates will be this low!

Email me at to reserve your space today!