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Staying fit in real life

It’s not easy to get or stay fit if you’re busy and have to do all the adulting…right? Not if you know how! Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who barely had time to work out two … Continue reading

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Build a better butt (Even if you aren’t 22 and don’t have a thigh gap)

You might think by the title that this would just be about vanity.
Something that would be nice to have, but hey, you’ve got things to do, and besides, that sort of thing takes too much time, way too much focus on yourself, and the payoff is strictly what gets seen in the mirror.
Not so! Continue reading

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No Excuses Fat Burning Workout

What holds people back so much of the time is that they let the perfect become the enemy of the good. Perfect conditions rarely show up. If you wait for things to be perfect, you’ll always be waiting. Imperfect, consistent … Continue reading

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Workouts On Your Own

Working out on your own doesn’t take a big time commitment or require much in the way of specialized equipment. All you need is a little room to move, a medium set of weights or single heavy/medium dumbbell or kettlebell, … Continue reading

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What The Heck Is Functional Training Anyway?

I do my best to make sure that my approach to functional training is one that develops a balance of movement, strength, stamina, mobility, and stability and flat out makes it more fun to be alive. Unfortunately functional training is one … Continue reading

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Knee Health Basics

Disclaimer: I’m not a physical therapist, however, these are a few basics I’ve found that work well for the vast majority of my clients. If you need a physical therapist, then definitely see one! Another disclaimer, and this one’s all … Continue reading

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Baby Got Back

I hate the word “core” because that’s synonymous with late night infomercials and thirty day plank challenges to be completed while also doing lemon juice cleanses. So, I use the word “midsection” because it’s a less loaded term.

Are the muscles around the front, back and side balanced and working well together? There’s no one single magical muscle group. Is the workload shared and not just piled onto one area? That’s the real question and addressing the sway that sway is a big part of the picture.
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Back To Basics

This workout is all about a few basics done well. Not only can you burn more fat and build muscle, you don’t have to make it overly complicated. Complicated sells copy.  Simple accomplishes the goal. You don’t need a gym … Continue reading

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Client Spotlight: Shelly C

What’s the coolest side effect of adding strength work into your life?
I try not to concentrate on “just” how I look because we can become to attached to the outside, but it is indeed delightful to see my body respond in such a positive way to the strength training. When I’m in training I also feel more centered, more positive, more connected to myself and others. Since my work is mostly solitary, I love working out with the class and Charlie. It keeps me motivated and more happy throughout the week. Continue reading

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Stopping The Slide – It’s Serious (Part 2)

We’ve all seen how easy and common it is to just let go. It can happen after we’re done with sports in school. It can happen when we hit the workforce. Or after we have kids. The story goes that … Continue reading

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